Boarding and Grooming

Boarding Prices

DOGS      Small    $10   (10 lbs or less)                    Medium to Large    $15    (10 to 75 lbs)                   X-Large    $20    (75 lbs or greater)

              * Complimentary bath and nail trim with 10 day stay

CATS       $10

Charges are per calendar day

 Please refer to our photos to see our in and out covered runs.  Outside runs are 4 x 16 by 8, inside runs are 4 x 6 x 8.  Dogs are able to come and go from opening at 7AM to closing of doggie doors at 11PM.  Good-nights are said and treats are handed out during our final well check of the day.

Grooming Prices

Small    $35                                Medium    $45                       Large    $65 to $125   (Determined by breed or coat type)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Toy Poodles, Shi-tzu               Cocker, Lhasa                    Springer, Boarder Collie, Siberian Huskey   

ALL Grooming Includes: Bathing, Conditioner, Clipper work, Scissor work, Nail trim, Ear cleaning, Comb and or Rake, Blow dry/Fluff and Super Nice Smell Good Spray!!                 

Bath only starting at $25            always includes nail trim and ears cleaned


Requirements                                                                                   Good Ideas:  Nyla-bones, Toys--Rope or Kong

Proof of Vaccinations:  Combo/rabies/kennel cough                                                 Bed, blanket or old T shirt

Flea Preventative  [We do not except frontline]

Your pets food and feeding instructions in a resealable container

A flat collar

Kitty's litter box

All dogs must be on lead when checking in.   NO DOGS OFF LEAD.

GOOD ATTITUDES  We do not discriminate by breed ---if your dog likes us it can stay!                                  


We will also administer daily meds and monthly meds at NO additional charge. [Don't let your pet miss heart worm or flea preventative.]  Bring those daily or monthly meds with instructions and we will give as directed.

When you choose, your Pets are taken on daily walks, again at NO additional charge. Most importantly, a large amount of LOVE is always included when your pet stays with us!  


Pick up and delivery available  [Charges may apply]